An Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Excerpts From The Memoirs Of An Entrepreneur

It takes a mindset to become an entrepreneur. What keeps me going in spite of challenging times either due to the economy or a world disaster such as we have at this time, or even merely business challenges and obstacles, is that same mindset.

My Identity

Let me say this would be the bedrock of the strength of  my mind and the understanding of my identity propels my decisions and my actions. My belief of who I am has a huge part to play in what I believe business to be and how to do business. I adopt Kingdom principles and apply them to my business decisions.

Integrity, diligence and transparency are very important in business and the belief of what is right practise determines a lot of things. Whether your business will outlive and outlast you or if it is a fly in the pan.

Positivity Mindset

My belief system rides on the truth that nothing is impossible for them that believe and so giving up is a NO NO. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. This guards my decisions concerning my business as I don’t dwell on negatives and I focus more on possibilities rather than probabilities.

Creative Juices

Pablo Picasso said this ”Everything you can imagine is real”. The power of an entrepreneur is in what they believe is possible and how they perceive opportunities. Creativity is translating what you see in the invisible to the visible! Creating and being creative means innovation. Bringing new, a unique selling value, a tweak to a brand, something extra to the ordinary.

The heart of a Lion  

The Lion is the most fierce and boldest in the animal kingdom hence its position as the King of the Jungle. To be King of your Business you must have a bold and daring spirit. Daring to run with your dreams and goals. Believing strongly in yourself to stand by your mission even when it looks like nobody else believes in it. It is this same value that keeps you believing when tough times come that your business is strong enough to survive whatever it goes through. With this mindset you constantly in the loop of looking for alternatives and options and so create a balance when there seems to be or if there is a situation of imbalance.

To be King of your Business you must have a fierce passion and desire that keeps you ahead of your competition. Your passion is the fire that keeps lighting up your candle every time it seems like you might be burning out. That is why you CANNOT start a business, design a programme, create a service based on a whim, a trend or a suggestion.

As an entrepreneur everything you  have ever concocted, designed, created or produced must be based on a deep desire and a clear understanding of What or Why.

The skin of a Rhinoceros.

Resilience is key in business. You must be prepared for the worst case scenarios and have a strategy to absorb whatever shortfalls there might be. You never give up as there is always a way out and if you take a step backward, be ready to launch forward with 2 steps. The problem with so many business people is that they never want to take a step backwards or have to go back to the drawing board to restrategize. Taking a step backwards might seem like failing but when you have trained your business mind to know that there will be failures along the line, when you fail , you see it as failure that can project you forward as you know to restrategize.

Resilience births determination and this enables you to cope with challenges, criticisms, setbacks and any demands that are placed on you. In other words you remain focused, determined, confident, resilient and in control.

You have to  school yourself over the years to respond to situations rather than react to it. As a business person, you have to train your mind to separate the personal issues from business issues. When in challenging times, assess how your business will be affected and then brainstorm on the possible realistic options open to your business.

Running a successful business requires a lot of work and sometimes it might seem like you might not see the fruits of your labour, always remember “Why you started”, what you want from the business and the life you can have if you stay the course and succeed.

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