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The faculty and resource persons at Teach2Endue have joint experience spanning over 4 decades in the educational field. We design and provide training programmes for leaders especially in the educational sector and managerial positions.

  • 2016

    Commencement of training

    - 1st Diction Training
    - 1st Public Speaking Training
    -1st Speech Training
    - Training incojuction with Stee Early Childhood Department
    - Training AT Stee Cambridge School
    -Training at Mo- rainbow foundation

  • 2017

    Teacher With Purpose Summit and others

    - 1st Edition of Teacher with Purpose Summit
    - Training @Cresent Schools
    - High Scholl Leardership Training ..St Clair's Institute
    - Training with Stee Team Heads
    -Training with Teachers

  • 2018

    Busy Year for Training

    -Teacher with Purpose Summit
    -Training with Stee Students
    -Training with Stee Teachers
    -Training at Mo- rainbow Foundation
    Training at CRESENT schools
    -Public Speaking Training
    -High School Leadership Training..St Clair's Institute
    -Training with Stee Earlychildhood Department
    -Training on Business
    -Teachers' Trainings
    -Teachers' Summit

  • 2019

    More Training

    -Leadership Training with Stee Team Heads
    -High School Leadership Training. St Clairs'
    -Public Speaking Training
    -Teachers Summit
    -Teachers' Training
    -Leadership Training
    -Training with Stee Teachers
    -Stee Inhouse Training

  • 2020

    We're Still Training

    -Leadership Conference
    -High School Leadership Training. St Clairs' Institute
    -Training with Stee Parents
    -Online Training

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How to Become Highly Effective Teacher Training was highly impactful, interesting and interactive. i was so impressed and blessed.

Olaleye Solomon
Olaleye Solomon

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