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MoRainbow Foundation

We see a world where people living with Down syndrome can live life to its fullest. We are on a rescue mission...supporting Down syndrome from birth and providing all forms of intervention, Education,Advocacy programs, counselling and support groups

Breakforth Women

A non-profit organisation working to alleviate all forms of poverty by empowering women & girls through education, entrepreneurship, skills acquisition, mentoring, capacity building, leadership training and advocacy.

Beautiful With Purpose

A group of like minded women who believe there is a WHY for our existence and are passionate about living and fulfilling purpose per time , seasons, roles, call and assignment. We believe purpose is so powerful that finding it determines who we are and who we become. It is the strength and the power behind our dreams and visions. It defines our lifestyle, our relationships, our family and its traditions, our businesses, our careers and our future and legacy. We believe that the place of purpose is a place of discovery of who we are and what we are called to do, problems we are created to solve and situations we are meant to change.</p> <p>It is the force behind our perception of situations and circumstances that involve us and others hence the name Beautiful with Purpose

Star of Hope Transformational Centre

Star of Hope Transformation Centre is an NGO that seek to bring hope to the hopeless
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How to Become Highly Effective Teacher Training was highly impactful, interesting and interactive. i was so impressed and blessed.

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Olaleye Solomon

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