Do You React or Respond 2

During these times, it is very important that the state we keep our mind in is of utmost priority, our mind is the gateway to our soul. Constantly being in a myriad of emotions can only create a sense of hopelessness as one totally feels out of control

Reacting keeps one constantly in the NEGATIVE MODE . People who react constantly develop a negative mindset and therefore cannot live a positive life. Nobody can motivate his or herself positively by continually using negative words or acting negatively. It is impossible to work with, live with or have a healthy relationship with a negative person.

Negativity sabotages values

Their sense of Perception and judgement is like a square peg in a round hole; innocent comments, feedback,gestures and thoughts are perceived as demeaning, judgemental and intended to humiliate. The reaction is to bite back with words that are sure to tear down rather than build up. Such actions actually tend to tear them down rather than the person it was intended for .

Don’t forget however that this action is based on perception; so question? What fuels perception? Your perception is fuelled by your beliefs, principles( thought patterns) and your philosophies (Values)

If you therefore are one for interpreting feedback as a way to be victimised or witch hunted, you need to revisit your thought on what it takes to BECOME and the values you associate with success

There is a lack of Self control; For behaviour, actions and attitude. They cannot control their mouth, their  thoughts, their  actions… they tend to address situations, challenges and  people without a prior thought for what is right or wrong. They act first and think later. Impulse is the default.

Irrationale Rationale – all sense of logical reasoning is lost and people around them are subjected to paranoia and judgements.They do not reach logical conclusions on matters that even have direct relational conclusions. They base their actions and decisions on that thought of ME! Your reason or opinion does not matter it is all subject to their thinking.

Like  Mahatma Ghandi said, its is like having dirty feet walk through one’s mind

Mission Impossible – a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity while an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Everything is impossible even when the evidence to succeed is there.

Boxed Thoughts – negativity is the enemy of creativity! You can not birth new things with a mind that cannot see and a mind that cannot believe. The out of the box thinking births wildly creative and innovative things and ideas

Negative people need drama like oxygen, stay positive it will take their breadth away.

I leave you with these 2 quotes 

“Respond don’t react, listen don’t talk, think don’t assume”

“The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react”

The lesson is to explore other ways of attending to matters.Renew your mind, unlearn bad habits, relearn good ones and keep learning to become a better version of yourself Look out for our article on Responding and not Reacting.

Look out for series 1 of this article.

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