Becoming Smart Lazy; The Efficiency Code

course overview

Course Description

Creativity and innovation seldom emanate from the traditional hyper active busy hardworking individual. Critical thinkers and innovators possess the intellectual clarity and composure necessary to generate ideas that will create short cuts, reduce waste and develop efficient processes.

Course Aim

This course will unleash the intelligence and energy required to take your career to the next level. You will be able to develop your critical thinking skills for a more efficient and effective operation. This course will equip you with ways of increasing your value within your organization by investing in upscaling your efficiency ratings.

course module

This course has 4 modules. The course breakdown will be available to only registered participants.

Each Module is made up of;

    1. A scheduled online and/or physical class
    2. Pdf handouts
    3. Discussion Worksheets
    4. Assessments
course objectives

COURSE OBJECTIVES or Learning Outcomes

The course objectives will be available to participants during the training.

Course Fee

Course Fee: 50,000 Naira

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