Increasing Your Value, Increasing Your Earnings

course overview

Course Description

Beyond the mastery of ones profession and the demand to lead a team of people within the organization, there’s a next level opportunity to lead the field in your area of expertise. Interestingly every interested candidate will have to go past barriers to accomplish those goals and create more opportunities for growth.

Course Aim

This Course is designed to equip team leaders with practical tools to grow from great to outstanding. Participants will uncover their leadership vision and will be able to set action points for accomplishments. Leadership principles for both personal and public victory will be broken into actionable points.

course module

This course has 4 modules. The course breakdown will be available to only registered participants.

Each Module is made up of;

    1. A scheduled online and/or physical class
    2. Pdf handouts
    3. Discussion Worksheets
    4. Assessments
course objectives

COURSE OBJECTIVES or Learning Outcomes

The course objectives will be available to participants during the training.

Course Fee

50,000 naira

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