Great News Trybe

Dear Trybe, we are so excited about our Youtube Channel as we finally have a medium and a platform to store recorded video, webinars and other programming for your viewing.

We started the series of Monday Morning Motivation on Monday the 27th of April and from henceforth if you miss the livestream it will be made available on the channel. If you missed the webinar on “How To Stay Productive At Home; a step by step guide” then you can watch the replay on this link click here

Please subscribe to the channel so you will be notified of any new videos and uploads

As a follow up on keeping our mind focused on our goals and vision during this time, articles on the series “Responding not Reacting” is now available on our website www.teach2endue for review. 


For all our subscribers, all Soft Skill , Career Development and Teacher Training have now been fixed at a 7500 price tag just for this period. Please note all courses go back to full price post Covid-19. For other courses on Leadership, Management, Business and Administration please visit our website.

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