How well are you doing at your work place to earn a come back or a put down?

How well are you doing at your work place to earn a come back or a put down?

This is certainly a period of transition for organizations globally. We all understand the huge and damaging effect of Covid 19 pandemic on the global economy spiraling down to both the large corporations and the medium scale businesses all over the world. Never a time as now, would leaders run through their list to identify staff that can still re-build their systems again as they try to weather the storm and re-invent their respective companies.

The question here is simple. How have you been a great ‘servant-leader’ working hard to contribute to the growth of your organization and earning a place amongst the few that will grow the company again in this challenging period of transition?

Diagnostic Check on your Professional Health Status in your Work Place

Here are a few items suitable as a diagnostic check on your professional health status in your work place. Be as conscientious as you can, because you alone can tell the truth to yourself in ways nobody else can.

1. People Bring their Problems to you and you sort them out: Leaders are constantly seeking for problem solvers, not problem creators. If you never even solve your own problems how do you solve the problems of others and how do you solve the problems in the company. If you could barely get your job done, how can you add value when your up line is always finishing your job for you? Don’t expect the company going through economic stress to add you to their stress.

2. More tasks are being assigned to you and you receive them with smiles: Businesses thrive in high pressure settings as more customers make more demands. In the light of this, employees with the expertise to multitask are assets to maintain customer satisfaction. Similarly, if you do have the expertise but lack the positive attitude, there’s a problem. Negative attitude of complaints breeds toxins within the company. A healthy workplace is filled with happy, hardworking working people. Are you both?

3. Your love for your organization compels your counsels to be considered on crucial matters? Have you been trusted and tested and found to be a loyal and dedicated staff that will make wise decisions in the interest of the company? Company leaders require the feedback from the sidelines sometimes in order have a full view of the direction they are planning to go. When you have consistently made contributions that have benefitted the company, you will be called again and again. If you’ve not been called ever, you’ve never shown any brilliance. If you’ve been called before and you’re not called again; means you have changed sides.

4. You are a model to the old & new staff and wooed by competitors. A gold fish has no hiding place. When you improve upon the work manual, discovering how quality, speed and precision grows your company’s products, you become the standard for appraising others. A catalyst within a system is an asset any time not an intelligent but docile staff. Neither will an experienced complainant amount to anything in the work place. A consistent and effective staff becomes a reference in the industry in no short time. Do you fit into this guise?

5. You represent your company and can speak for leadership. When you have taken on the spirit of the vision, you begin to speak and act like your leaders. The culture runs through you all the time. You don’t only preach the values, you practice it for all . Then, you begin to replicate same results like your superiors. And when there are so many engagements beyond the capacity of leadership, you are fit to represent the company at official functions . You have earned your place as a trainee representative of the company as you have earned the trust and confidence of the management. Where do you stand? A rep of the rebels in the locker room or a rep of the leaders in the board room?

6. Service and learning are priority to you than earnings. Every visionary leader treasures training and apprenticeship more than immediate gratification. The principle of delayed gratification is of immense benefit to starters and budding leaders. Remember, it is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him a fish. Whatever you earn will finish ; What you learn will keep multiplying. Your perspective to work and more work will reflect in how you stay at your job irrespective of the compensation package. The truth is this ; you learn your way up the ladder and eventually the earnings will begin to drop. Have you lost the opportunity to gain wisdom at the expense of lining your pocket?

These are time tested values that have proven again and again, that organizations are built on the shoulders of men and women who have offered themselves fully to the principle of seed time and harvest. They have believed in growing their institutions with hard work and tenacity alongside working with successful teams. Hence, they will select the right people to do the right job over and again.

This piece is to help you to re-evaluate your stand with how you perceive your work place. You are not needed if you’re not making a difference; Not in the period of bloom and certainly not in the period of transition from gloom.

Emmanuel Akpata

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