My Life of New Normals

My Life of New Normals


Being normal means conforming to the norm! Who decides the norm? Is the norm what has been decreed, dictated or accepted by the world system, a community or a people?

When does a normal become old or new? Normality indicates that there is a pattern to life right? Does that therefore infer that when the pattern shifts its no longer normal?

Could it possibly be then that what is considered as normal at a particular point in time for one might not be normal for another and so could normal be common for us all only when it is determined by a common factor say the weather, economies, natural occurrences etc?

Exploring the concept of normal in individual lives could then be as a result of the environment and the circumstances that surrounds the person concerned.

Wikipedia describes the new normal as a state to which an economy and a society etc settles following a crisis when this differs from the situation that prevailed prior to the start of the crisis

The term has been used following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the aftermath of the 2008–2012 global recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The concept of new normal is therefore not a new thing, considering that it is about conforming to certain rules and regulations. We can therefore infer that once there is no longer a conformity or alignment with what is considered as normal then there is a shift that leads to a new set of rules that indicates a newness to the normal that once existed.

When therefore there is a new normal, it means there is a new set of rules, regulations to conform to, situations to adapt to, new mountains to climb, new rivers to swim. Where life then seems to be abnormal is when we don’t seem to be adapting to the rules that have been set before us for us to thrive in the new normal 

For every time there is a change or a shift, a new normal scenario is created and I dare say  it takes the same process always to understand, adapt and thrive in that new normal.

Whatever it might be, a new experience; puberty, first kiss, first love, first rejection, first failure, first loss….., A new role or assignment, becoming a spouse, becoming a parent, becoming a team lead, becoming a business owner….

Having to cope, adapt and thrive in that new normal would require one to;

  • Understand The Shift
  • Be ready for the Change
  • Be ready to Adapt
  • Renewed Thinking
  • Prepare Purpose Plan
  • Thrive

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