Regrets Puts You In Reverse

We cannot and will probably never be able tell all the terrible woes that this year 2020 has brought on humanity. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge toll on our collective psyche with its devastating onslaught on lives, nations and economies. Looking back at the ugly episode, we all wished we had a premonition of what the year would deliver. In very many respects, we wished we had been a bit more prepared and done things differently. It’s open regrets everywhere with deep pains and shame.

Regrets Puts You In Reverse

Many bemoan today’s losses, wishing we had done something about yesterday on time before the present difficult situation we now find ourselves.

Many regret the procrastination garment that so heavily wrapped itself around us. Perhaps, we never took steps when opportunities abound, hoping for a better occasion ahead. But now ‘things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold’.

It is very important for us to know that we live in bouts of moments. Each moment is packed in wraps of thoughts and actions. As we capture the thought , we are meant to follow up with actions. That’s the pattern for setting and achieving our goals.

However, when thoughts fly without actions, the next moment will be empty, void of substance. Empty moments build up into empty days and when the unforeseen happens, the subsequent result is a life of regrets.

The pain of regret becomes more deadly as the individual slides backward, dragged in reverse direction, pondering on the past thoughts whose fruits were aborted owing to inaction and unforeseen circumstances as we currently are experiencing with the COVID 19 pandemic.

In either situations , regrets puts one in reverse; making one focus on the past and losing the values packaged for the future.

One thing to do when thoughts of regrets come knocking is to stand on the belief that life renews itself with seasons coming and going. Learn from the past and make a fresh decision to stand back again and do things differently, taking the right actions from now.

Secondly, be mindful of yourself and forgive yourself. Begin the self healing process by learning from people who have bounced back after a recession. We build confidence from someone else’s experience.


Lastly, live with the things you can’t change. Work around it, believing that you deserve to be happy now. You have just one life to live, so why not live to the full. Let your faith see you through the things you cannot change.

The year 2020 still has over 120 days unused and unwrapped yet. You still have time to do a short course, learn a new skill, make new friends, engage in some volunteering service and open a new page in your life. Leave the past behind. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE PAST THAT CAN MAKE YOUR FUTURE HAPPEN. The new normal is here. Begin to embrace is; Begin to go forward. Regrets will only put you in reverse.

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