Becoming A School Head

Becoming A School Head

The position of Head of School is both Instructional and Action-centered. It requires the understanding of instructional leadership and action-centred leadership.

This training on Becoming A School Head will guide participants in;

  • Utilizing the 4 dimensions of instructional leadership for effectiveness in growing and improving school standards.
  • Develop strategies for achieving tasks and meeting deadlines
  • Teach the principles and concepts of work ethics, teams building and productivity
  • Why they must have a brand, how they will develop their brand and how to align their brand with the school brand.
  • The concepts of techniques and methodologies and appropriate usage.
  • Theories, principles and application of teaching best practices.

At Teach2Endue, our goal is to train global leaders with intellectual expertise, creative and innovative abilities with a strong sense of excellence and integrity

This training is designed for school owners, school administrators, principals, school heads, teachers and departmental school leaders.

This training is discounted to N150,000 naira

This training can hold at our training centres, partner locations or at the client’s desired location.

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    How to Become Highly Effective Teacher Training was highly impactful, interesting and interactive. i was so impressed and blessed.

    Olaleye Solomon
    Olaleye Solomon

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