Ayoyinka Owairu, FCMI FCIALead Strategist & CEO

Ayoyinka Owairu
areas of expertise
  • Business transformation
  • Training
  • Research and Development of Programmes and Curriculum
  • Culture & Team Building
  • Growth strategy
  • MNIM
  • M.ED
  • BSc Ed

A seasoned administrator and educationalist with over 20 years experience in various capacities as a key decision maker, policy maker and stakeholder with board level credibility and experience managing large scale projects. A goal driver with doggedness for creating working cultures and raising and building effective working teams.

Ayoyinka is an inspirational leader, experienced consultant and teacher, with top level responsibilities which includes organizational value creation, systems and structural definitions, design and implementation of programmes to ensure delivery of organizational goals and targets and equipping and mentoring top level staff. She is deft in creating organizational structure that reflect organizational values and enables management systems, structures and processes to work effectively in line with cultures and visions and ensuring that all statutory requirements are met.

At Teach2Endue, our goal is to train global leaders with intellectual expertise, creative and innovative abilities with a
strong sense of excellence and integrity

As an educationist, she has experience in the development and implmentation of board and relevant curriculum which embraces the schools specialisms, innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and leading best practices in teaching methodologies. She is also vast in mentoring and evaluating local and international curriculum for both quality and effective delivery.

Core competencies include training, research and development of programmes and curriculum, culture and team building, mentoring, equipping and empowering through resources management, evaluating and reviewing administrative and managerial practice and providing improvement strategies leading to raised standars.


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12 Foxgrove, Milton Regis, Sittingbourne. Kent, UK

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